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Driver seems to work with CCV 1.2 but not 1.3

Feb 18, 2010 at 9:46 PM

So I think i found out why i cannot get multitouchvista which i am using on Windows 7 to work.  It does work, but only on CCV 1.2

I have 3 tables and each are having same issue. 1.2 is fine but not 1.3 or higher.

Now i dont know if this is something but on 1.2 of CCV you have an option called "Send TUIO OSC"

However in 1.3A or final release of 1.3 you have a setting "TUIO UDP"

I thought that till now these were the same thing, i am guessing TUIO UDP and TUIO OSC are not the same thing, problem is 1.3 doesnt have an option for OSC.


Even if they are the same and i am mistaken, for whatever reason this works on 1.2 but not 1.3


Any ideas would be most appreciated


Thank you