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A question for nesher

Nov 4, 2010 at 9:15 AM

First, thank you for your work on this.


I stumbled across this project on accident, while looking for a method to unlock the win 7 panning/kinetic input features, as I have a single touch capable screen, and microsoft decided to lock out all panning features for non-multitouch devices. In the early win 7 betas, blue badge allowed users without multitouch capable hardware to unlock all of the win 7 panning features, and it turns out they work perfectly with single touch capable screens (unfortunately, blue badge does not work with win 7 final).


So far, nobody has come up with a work-around to allow win 7 users with a single touch tablets to use the panning/kinetic input -I'm assuming it would be fairly easy to use MTV for this, simply redirecting the input from the touch screen to the multitouch driver... Right? If this could be packaged as a straightforward install/wizard, I think you would be amazed how immensely popular it would be. There are lots of non-multitouch tablets out there (including 10 years worth of wacom digitizer tablets) that would really benefit from the win 7 panning features...


For my part, I'm not sure how to specify my touch screen as the input source -Do I need to configure TUIO?


Also, what kind of performance hit would one be likely to see running their touch input through MTV to enable the panning tab in win 7?



Nov 9, 2010 at 12:39 PM

An installable application to redirect touchscreen/digitizer input to a fake multitouch driver would make you a fortune -If you were to charge $5-$10, you'd be tapping into a market with tens of thousands of potential customers... Seriously, do some quick searching for "windows 7 panning", and you'll see hundreds of forum posts from users wondering why they can't get the features to work on their single touch tablets...

For my part, I'm sure it's extremely simple to set up, but I can't figure out how to use my touch screen as the input source -Anyone?