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nesher, can I ask u a question?

Sep 15, 2010 at 4:37 AM

   I write a small program 。I  can just create a UDP socket to port 3333 on the machine where I've installed MTV and send it data in the TUIO format described there.

/tuio/2Dcur : (
    <OSCVal s "alive">,
    <OSCVal i 0>
/tuio/2Dcur : (
    <OSCVal s "set">,
    <OSCVal i 0>,
    <OSCVal f 0.187500>,
    <OSCVal f 0.302083>,
    <OSCVal f 0.000000>,
    <OSCVal f 0.000000>,
    <OSCVal f 0.000000>
/tuio/2Dcur : (
    <OSCVal s "fseq">,
    <OSCVal i 2>

when I run multi-toucn Service .console  ,  The console show me that "Beyond the bounds of the array index", "null packet ".  I don't know why.

I use C++ language. I 've try some kinds of methods , eg: CString, char [const],char.    however the problem is still there .

what puzzle me most is that I send a single char , the console still show "Beyond the bounds of the array index".

Any help or idea or correction would be much appreciated.


      Jamie lee