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Problem Multitouch configuration WPF

Jul 5, 2010 at 12:43 AM
Hello, I followed all the steps on this page: In step 2 when I installed the devie software with the command "Install driver.cmd" I did not get the window with the message "Would you like to install this device software....?" It just installed and I got a message in the prompt that the software was successfully installed. The other steps until step 6 are all succeeded successfully. I see the red input points for every connected mouse device and they move when i move the mouse. The problem occurs when I start the "Multitouch.configuration.WPF.exe": I checked the checkbox to block the native windows mouse input and press OK. I still see the red points move when I move a mouse but the input is not captured.... When I click I see a mouse cursor popped up with an image of a mouse underneath and this input is captured however but the red input points dont work... Thanx