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how to use touchlib with MultiTouch-VISTA

May 20, 2010 at 10:49 PM

Hi, I'm new to this program and this tactile surfaces I ask you to forgive me for my poor English.
I ask you please help me!
Make a model of diffuse light touch screen and I do work with the software TOUCHLIB so far everything has gone perfectly.
Surfing the internet recently discovered this MultiTouch-VISTA software so download the latest version using two MAUSER out everything perfectly.
Well the help I need is to know how I can exit the menu TOUCHLIB suppliers (MultiTouch CONFIGURATION) for power-VISTA MultiTouch run it from your configuration when you run Since I only setup MULTIPLEMICE it appears that controls the two mice I have in the pc average of two red dots and TUIO which nothing happens when you select and the red dots disappear.


I would like to use all the video providers and Next

As there appears sedan account

Please help me with either a step-by-step tutorial or a website to teach me how to solve this problem I have.
I can adapt to multitouch-view touchlib
Since only park in the copy that you download

Thanks for the cooperation that can provide me!