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Win7 driver individual mouse blocking

Mar 7, 2010 at 3:55 AM

I managed to keep one mouse as a regular mouse and let the other mice act as touch simulators. I modified build 30935 to accomplish this...but I’m afraid it was an ugly hack.

  • Changed MultipleMice.ConfigurationWindow to list all raw devices and have a checkbox whether to block a device or not (instead of the single "Block native windows..." checkbox).
  • Added entries to Settings so that the ConfigurationWindow can tell the MultipleMice InputProvider which raw device handles to block. Is using the .config file the best way to communicate to the InputProvider?
  • Under OnMouseAction() check for a flag that indicates whether the mouse hook event should block the mouse. My problem is I could not figure out how to get the raw device handle under OnMouseAction(), so I set a flag under RawDevice_RawInput(). Lots of hacks there, not proud... Is there a way to determine the raw device handle under OnMouseAction()?